Barrow Family Hunting Webpage 2007

Well, it could not have been a better hunting camp this year, (2007). Down the Swan Valley again in NW Montana.
All the boys made it down and Julie, (Ryan's fiance) was able to come down for a few days.

We took several deer during the 12 days there.

I bought a camo blind and really had fun with it. Deer coming within 20 feet and not knowing I was there.
But the buck I shot was not out of the blind, but from by the truck, looking down over a meadow towards a small lake.
One quarter mile according to the gps. Good head shot, (don't ask me to repeat that shot tho!!)

What is hunting camp without the proper comforts of home?? Ryan brought his pull trailer along.
Getting up to a warm trailer has its advantages. I LOVED IT!!!

Sean had a good season also before he got to camp with us.
he filled tags for antelope and cow elk.

I bought special hunting caps for all the boys and myself.

Sean, Ryan, a friend and myself went down the Swan on Friday after turkey day.
It became our wackemstackem day.

Two very nice bucks and a doe.

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