Can you believe it? May 3rd, 2005, was 25 years for Joan and Dennis!

Then and now..... not much of a change. She's still beautiful and he's good lookin'. ;-)

We are going on a 3 day bike ride to celebrate!
Riding to Idaho and enjoy some roads there.

Allll-right! Great 3 day weekend!! Joan and I put about 700 miles on the bikes riding around the Panhandle of Idaho.

We rode a couple of scenic by-ways that were wonderful! One road was so curvy that 35 mph was top speed!

Had wonderful weather until today when we got a bit damp, twice.
The one time it looked like serious rain we put the raingear on and rode out of it in about 3 miles.
Figures. LOL We caught up to some rain in Kalispell on the way home,
but all in all it was a wonderful 25th Anniversary get-away.!!

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