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June 10th, Columbia Falls, MT, 9:15 AM

Joan and I took an
anniversary, empty nesters, saved a few thousand on taxes,
trip to San Francisco for a week!!

Tire did not make it through the winter.

Avon is replacing both tires on my Venture because of cracking!!

Here are some pictures of the last store we did in Dumas Texas.

First couple days in Dumas TX the wind blew. Look to the left of the McD's. The roof was down the next morning.

2007 Hunting Pictures.

Was able to get in a short ride this fall. You can see some pictures of this incredible butte in the Palouse in Washington State. Steptoe Butte.

Click here to see some pictures of the work we did in Cornelius Oregon .

Joan rode her bike out to see me while I was in Oregon working. 635 miles one way in one day! WooHoo!!!
While visiting she managed to put in a couple days work with us.
She was able to take a day and ride to the coast also. Some pictures she took of the ocean here .

Tyra has had a lot of first's this second week of August 2007:
Saw his first volcanoe's, Columbia River and the Pacific Ocean!!

Dad and I on the new Kalispell Police bikes.

A quick AVI movie I took today, (June 22): Grinding the frame!

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Here is a few pictures of the day Ryan, Tyra and I spent fly fishing on Mitten Lake outside of Heart Butte:

We have a Perpetual Memorial for Oma! Click here!

Our Secrect Lives!!

What us guys do when we go to the shed.

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Last ride of 2006 diary.

2005 Motorcycle Trip.

2005 Hunting Pictures.

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25th Anniversary!!

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